The kids say thank you

“It was really great to wear my new clothes for my first day of school.¬†Everyone thought I looked cool. Thanks again for the backpack, binder, shoes and binder.”

“Thank you so much for the backpack. The clothing was exactly what I was hoping for. I can tell that the things were picked with thought to what I wanted. All of the stuff is very helpful, we have a hard time being able to get everything for school. This is a wonderful program. Thanks again.”

“Thank you for the wonderful backpack and cool shoes, they are awesome. I love all the markers and the pencil crayons and the pencils and the erasers, everything was awesome. I like everything and when I got the backpack I felt really special. I really like all the stuff you put in the backpack, it is always really awesome. I like how it’s always in different places so you have to look to find the different things that you put in the backpack.”

“Heyy, i just want to tell u guyz, how thankful i am, for giving us what we needed to start off the school year you have made an impact on our lives because you kind and careing people…”

“Thank you for the school supplies for back to school. We really appreciate it. Me and my brother really like our backpacks and clothes.”

“Thank you for donating the backpack, school suppiles and the clothes.My school year is going to be great because I have a huge backpack so I can hold all my stuff in it, the clothes will keep me warm in the fall and the winter and the school suppiles will help me with projects and school work. Your program made a difference to me because I was prepared and ready to go to school thanks to the donated items that helped me and my family.”

“Thank you for the backpack and pencil case , it was very nice of you to do that for me!”

The parents say thank you

“I just want to thank you very much for the back packs and everything that was inside. My kids were very happy with everything they got. The smiles were from ear to ear. Everything was greatly appreciated.”

“I would really like to thank all of you that helped in putting together the gift bags for my children. I don’t know how much I can thank you all from my heart. I really appreciate what you have done. They came during the time of need and I want to thank you all again.”

“I would like to say “thank you”, on behalf of my entire family. All three kids were tickled little bunnies when they saw their new backpacks and the contents. My little boy even asked if Santa had gotten his calendar mixed up! All of them were thrilled with what they received, and were well prepared for their first day of school. This certainly made for smiles all around on their part. On my side, it was a smile of relief knowing that they were prepared, as “back to school” is not an easy time when job-hunting during the current economic conditions.
Thank you again for the time, efforts and consideration. May all you receive brightest blessings upon you and yours.”

“My son received his backpack today. I thank you and all other volunteers and the donators for the time, effort and money that went into this. I cannot express the gratitude I feel to everyone that has donated to help give our children the essentials they need for back to school. I feel like a weight has been lifted. Our seven year old daughter is so excited. You’d think it was christmas morning.
Thank you for your generosity.”

“My son got a backpack that full of stuff for back school from Send’em Off Smiling. He is very happy with those things that he would use in the coming new school year. The backpack will help him to build confidence and have a good starting at school. We realy appreciate your great program. Thanks a lot for the works your staffs’ve done!
Thanks all sponsors!”