Welcome to our new website

Hello and Welcome to our “New” website. A new year. A time to look forward to new opportunities and set new goals.

It is also a time to reflect on the accomplishments of the past year. 2014, was a very exciting and productive year us here at Send’em Off Smiling. We celebrated our 20th anniversary, expanded our presence on social media, launched a new website and two of our board members welcomed babies, adding to the SOS family. Best of all, we sent over 900 children in Waterloo Region off smiling.

We would not have been able to achieve all of this without all the wonderful people in our community who helped make this year (and every year) run smoothly. First of all, our generous sponsors, whether it was a large grant, or a smaller donation, or cupcakes for our anniversary party, it all stretches a long way. We would like to thank our many volunteers who gave countless hours. Whether it was driving or packing or counting, we appreciate every minute and hope you had fun doing it as well!

While you are reading this, we welcome you to take a look around our new site. This is an initiative we hope to grow with. We worked pretty hard on it and we welcome you to share it with everyone. The new website offers many great features, including a streamlined way of donating, which we hope you will find helpful. A huge thank you goes to Brendan McFayden, who worked diligently to get this project up and running. He is a recent graduate of software engineering technology at Conestoga Collage and works IT in Waterloo Region. He is a young professional who also completes various types of computer related freelance work. He can be contacted at hello@brendanmcfayden.com.

As 2015 comes upon us, we send best wishes to our outgoing board members, look forward to working with our new board members as well as potential new sponsors and schools. We cannot wait to partner together to send even more children back smiling. Stay tuned as we get the 2015 campaign up and running! We wish everyone a very safe, peaceful and joyous New Year!

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